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List of sources used to generate the data in this project

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Hand-drawn map of "Pashtunistan" and selected foreign-built developmental infrastructure in Afghanistan

The data (Death Lists included) used to construct "Shattering Afghanistan."

A heat map generated using the kernel density tool in ARCGIS.

Map of the districts of origin for selected refugees in Pakistani refugee camps, c. 1989-1991

Heat map of Death Lists overlaid on top of map of population of Afghan provinces in 1979

1979 heat map overlaid on top of maps of Pakistani-bound emigration (and immigration) from 1979-1985. Data from Abdul Hamid Malik, Impelled Afghan Migration to Pakistan, 1978-1984 (PhD Dissertation: University of Peshawar, 1985)

U.S. Embassy (Islamabad) Cable to Assistant Secretary of State for South Asia Robin Raphel, "Scenesetter for Your Visit to Islamabad: Afghan Angle" (January 16, 1997), 7, available online at National Security Archive,…

CPSU General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev meets with Pakistani President Zia ul-Haq in the Kremlin on March 14, 1985

Map of provinces of Afghanistan shaded by rates of depopulation circa 1990
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